High Quality Solutions

MB TURBO can offer workshop solutions using precision measuring tools by qualified engineers to repair damaged part. Sandblasting, re-blading and balancing are our workshop operations.

  • Dynamic balancing
  • Reconditioning of bearings and L.O pumps
  • Spray remetallizing of worn rotor shaft
  • Sand and glass bead blasting
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • Hydro-pressure blasting for turbocharger cleaning
  • Variety of lathe work

All rotors need to be balanced in order to avoid any unnecessary damages during operation. Our repair workshop have high speed balancing equipment to repair all types of rotating components and restore them to an outstanding condition.


Great care must be exercised in the reconditioning of turbochargers. MB TURBO offer services of reconditioning and give to your turbo a long, trouble-free life. Restore your damaged rotor shafts, turbine blades, compressor wheels, shaft ends, bearings or other parts, to their original operational condition.


Our trained specialized technicians can maintain your turbocharger parts by the sandblasting method. Sandblasting is an effective cleaning progress and is applying to turbochargers with the latest technology machine.