We offer Quality & Professional Turbocharger Services

You are in good hands with your Turbocharger
MB TURBO offers a range of repair options, spare parts and technical support. We repair every part of your turbocharger from a small rotor shaft to a complete turbocharger. With 40 year experience in marine turbocharger and power plant station, our experienced team can cover every aspect.
Fully functional workshop

Our workshops is audited regularly and must meet specific quality standards before they are allowed to carry out servicing work on turbochargers.

Repair on board

Our high educated engineers can offer a wide range of services globally onboard. Your Turbocharger will be serviced following the quality standards and you shall be provided with a full technical report.

24/7 Services

We offer solutions to Turbocharger problems worldwide 24/7. Our skilled field engineers can guarantee outstanding quality of service and reliable operations of your turbochargers with global coverage.

Turbocharger Services

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